I love Google Keep for all my note taking tasks. It does so much with its ability to capture web links, images and provide text grabbed from those images.

While reminders, checklists, labeling, colors and sharing notes with others round out Keep’s list of features, one thing that is a…

Screenshot of Chrome OS Shelf with Google Services App Icons
Chrome OS Shelf with Google Services Application Icons

In a previous post I described the three S’s used by Google to market Chrome OS, but suggested that there was a fourth “S” which must be considered.

In a previous post, One Man’s Journey to Chrome OS, I wrote about my intro to the Chrome OS world and why I moved from years with Apple and Windows.

And I used the three S’s that are staples of Google’s marketing for Chrome OS, Speed, Safety and Simplicity to…

Screenshot of Chrome OS Wallpaper — Illustration, Cosmic Voyage by Elizabeth Chiu
Chrome OS Wallpaper — Illustration, Cosmic Voyage by Elizabeth Chiu

What happened you ask? ChromeOS happened. Of course, I was late to the party having only heard about Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and the world of ChromeOS in August of 2016.

About four and a half years ago, something happened in my technical life which has happened only a few times before. …

I’ve been a happy Google Fi (previously Project Fi) customer for about three and a half years, and even though I don’t travel extensively, have enjoyed the many benefits of subscribing to the Google MVNO (mobile virtual network provider).

I count the following as benefits of Google Fi over other…

John Kendrick

IT Professional for 35 years, tech dabbler and Google Ambassador

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